Project:Dream☆Weaver - Test Scene

The following scene was written and designed as a proof-of-concept to test the possibility of using modern web technologies to create a visual-novel style dialog. It depicts a meeting between Yui Sakano and a new creature. Though certain specifics will undoubtedly change, the story of this scene will likely become cannon. Therefore, a spoiler warning is in effect beyond this point!

I had worked hard.

I infiltrated every palace, every mansion.

I defeated every foe.

Naoko, my kitsune and friend, was very proud of me.

Everyone around me seemed so happy.

My brother told me he had been accepted to an art school back in Germany where he would be studying photography.

I was happy for him.


but I was also sad.

We had grown so close.

He had always been there for me, even when mother wasn't, and I didn't want him to move so far away.

Mother was so much better now and I knew she wouldn't neglect me or yell at me like she had before, but I also knew I would really miss my brother.

I closed my eyes.


Once I opened them my heart seed was in my hand. This seed was the proof that I was a Magical Girl.

The seed was created the moment I signed my contract with Naoko.

Back then it shined brightly.

Now it looked like this.

I wondered what would happen if the seed turned completely dark.

That's when I met another Kitsune.

[Yui in School Uniform, summer, surprised] [mysterious kitsune, little fox form]

???Has she told you?


Yui(In truth I didn't know how to reply.)

[Yui in School Uniform, summer] [mysterious kitsune, little fox form]

???Your kitsune. Has she told you the fate of every Magical Girl?


???She hasn't, has she? Your seed is dark, do you know why? Do you know what will happen when it goes out? Do you even know what a Heart Seed really is?

When I had signed my contract a Heart Seed was created. All I knew was that the Heart Seed allowed me to become a Magical Girl, it gave me my power but I never asked anything else...

...I didn't care.

Just what were these things? And what was the "fate of every Magical Girl"?

[Yui in School Uniform, summer] [mysterious kitsune, first form]

???To be blunt. It is the fate of every girl granted the ability to make their desires happen, every girl who forms a contract with a kitsune, every girl with a heart seed, it is their fate to die.

[Yui in School Uniform, summer] [mysterious kitsune, first form]

YuiWhat do you mean, it is our fate to die!?

???Either the seed is ripened and you are harvested, or, like yours, it begins to rot and you are consumed by the very desires that created it. Either way you will all die. No Magical Girl has ever lived past their high school years and none will, none can.

We all die?



Was this even true? I couldn't see Naoko 'harvesting' me.

Just who was this kitsune?

[Yui in school uniform, summer] [mysterious kitsune, first form]

YuiWhat do you mean, we'll be harvested?

???You don't even know what those kistune really are, do you?


???Those beings aren't merciful creatures sent to pull you out of the pits of your own despair.

???They are gardeners sent to plant those seeds and watch them grow.

???When the time is right, they will pluck those seeds from you and you will die.

[Yui in school uniform, summer, worried] [mysterious kitsune, first form]

YuiNaoko isn't like that, she can't be like that.

???She is. No matter how friendly they seem, how much they seem to care. It is all an act to make their food comfortable. No different than how a farmer might treat a cow waiting for slaughter.

[mysterious kitsune, first form]

???But that is not the fate you need to worry about.

???Your seed is tainted and is of no use to your kitsune. You will be cast off to be transformed.

???For you see, you are destined to become the very thing you hate most, the one thing that prevents all you sorry humans from fulfilling your desires.

[Yui in school uniform, summer, surprised]

YuiA Dream Eater!?

[mysterious kitsune, first form]

???Worry not though, I have the power to save you from that fate.

???I can purify your seed.

???I need only one thing from you.

[Yui in school uniform, summer, worried] [mysterious kitsune, first form]

YuiWhat!? What do you need!?

???One, very simple task. It should be no problem for a Magical Girl.

YuiWhat is it!?

???You need only kill your kitsune.

[Yui in school uniform, summer, surprised] [mysterious kitsune, first form]

YuiKill Naoko!?

???If it is too high a price for you, I understand, but this is not a decision you should make hastily as you did when you first became a Magical Girl.

???Take your time, think it over.

???I will return the moment your decision is made.

With that the mysterious black Kitsune vanished.

I was left alone...

...very alone...

...and with a heavy decision.

Naoko had saved me, but why, why would she save me if she didn't intend for me to live much longer?

Did she do it just to eat me?

Do I ask her?


Do I kill her!?


Can I kill her?


What should I do?




[Yui in school uniform, summer, worried]

Yui(What do I do, nii-nii!?)